Education leading to Employability and Professional Sustainability

Join us for the First Annual Hudson Valley Tech Festival Hackathon and apply your creative thinking, problem solving and basic technical skills to help create new employment opportunities and even better quality of life in our region.

Participants will engage in brainstorming and rapid “virtual” prototyping. Over a few short hours, your team based hard work will be validated by available mentors to help prepare you to pitch your “hack” to our panel of judges. A variety of awards will be provided based on how well each entry presents an underlying issue, the problem it creates, how you will solve the problem and the value your solution provides to our community.

What to Expect

The 2019 hackathon is a 7-hour brainstorming and idea-development competition to solve critical regional issues such as:

  • Declining higher education student enrollment
  • Disconnect between college programs and workforce skill requirements
  • Limited local continuing education opportunities
  • Retention of top talent and students in our region

Do you have an idea? Educators, students, designers, developers, social workers, business specialists, and anyone else interested in developing solutions are encouraged to join us for this fantastic event!

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$21,600 in prizes

PressReader: online subscription to Tech & Science magazines (3)

Three VIP subscriptions that grant an Unlimited Annual Access to the catalog of 7500+ newspapers and magazines, available in 1 app.
1 subscription is worth $350USD/1year, or $29.95USD/month.

Open Hub tuition to the Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp
25 weeks-long bootcamp to learn web development

1C:Enterprise Application Platform subscription, and $1000 in cash. (3)

Three winners will receive a full annual subscription to 1C:Enterprise Application Platform (each subscription worth $5000), that allows you to create business applications - such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, HR or Accounting, into a secure and customizable business process management system.
In addition, 1 major winner gets $1000 in cash.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:



individuals and teams:

professional developers, designers, product managers, project managers, data-scientists, creative thinkers, problem-solvers

college and high school students - age 15+


please provide a digital artifact (URL) and pitch your project.

can solve the challenge


Joe Cupano

Joe Cupano
Dell EMC

Alexandra Danilina

Alexandra Danilina

Leandra Tejedor

Leandra Tejedor

Jeffrey Ricker

Jeffrey Ricker
Ricker Lyman Robotic Co

Judging Criteria

  • Issue Identification
    A clear issue needs to be understood before any problem can be solved Guiding Question: Is the issue clearly defined in relation to the theme of the event?
  • Problem Definition
    A solution to an issue can not be solved without a clear underlying problem that created the issue Guiding Question: Has the problem been identified in a structured way?
  • Problem-Solution Match
    Present a "digital artifact" to visualize your solution. How will the end user interface with your solution? Describe the user experience when using your solution. What skills were applied when creating the solution?
  • Value Proposition
    Based on the completeness and clarity of the solution and how it solves a problem raised by the underlying issue, what resulting value does it bring? There could be many great solutions that can solve a problem, but what clear value does it bring?


  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Social Good